RISE Epilogue

Since the Rise release in April I've been getting a lot of emails, tweets, and posts about the ending. You guys are all: WHA?!?!? How could you do this to us??!? I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW YOU ARE EVIL. And yes, maybe I'm a little evil. And yes, maybe the ending wasn't EXACTLY what you thought it would be. But it is true to the story and the world.

That said, one of the best things about writing in the age of the internet is the instant feedback. I get to know (almost as soon as you finish the book) what you loved, what you hated, and what questions you still want answered. While reading all the I-will-sue-you-for-emotional-trauma tweets and the I'm-so-depressed-this-can't-be-happening emails, I've gathered one thing: most of you want more. You need to know what happens in the years after this book ends. Is there a happily ever after?

THE BIG NEWS: With the release of the Rise paperback on December 17th, comes the release of an epilogue that will tell you everything you're dying to know and then some. The epilogue will be published in the paperback edition, but will also be released online for all of you who already have the hardcover, the ebook, or have read Rise through other (hopefully legal) channels. I'll have more information in the coming months, but you'll likely find this bonus content on the HarperCollins EpicReads site.

So that is the not-so-secret SECRET I've been waiting to tell you. ARE YOU GUYS HAPPY NOW?!? :)